Friday, April 20, 2007

Left Hand

I have always thought I can’t leave without my right hand. Why? Because I am right-handed, I intimidated my left hand, thinking it’s only a supporting hand. I do not need my left hand as much.

My my my…. I was so wrong. Have been suffering this pain on left arm for weeks, thinking all possible reason why is that so. Perhaps the heavy luggage I lugged back from China last month? I lugged 40kg back then paying RMB 1.7K++ for the excess luggage. Some say, sleeping posture? Some say the few strokes of golf I did the other day at the driving range. I can’t bring myself to believe the few strokes of golf are the reason behind my pain. I played hockey in school, a few strokes of golf will not hurt me! So I convinced myself, it’s the luggage.

Anyway, I was too stubborn to listen to friends around to go to tabib cina (Chinese sinsei) and have my arm looked at. Until yesterday, when my friends practically forced me to one. It didn’t come easy, Chinese sinsei closed early we got to see the third place we went.

Wow, I was trembling when the sinsei said “it’s best to do all 3 types of treatments, ie. acupuncture, massage (tui na) and bandage”.

**speechless**rolled my eyes towards the sinsei**with my jaw dropped**

“I am scared. I have never done any of these before”.
“Don’t worry, they are not painful. Just some “sore” feelings when I poke.”

And she was right, it was not painful at all, I mean the acupuncture, not the tui na! It was painful ok, and I groaned when she rubbed the right spot. God, what an experience. She bandaged my hand, to be taken off when I wake up this morning. Then gave me a few medicine plasters to paste onto my arm for hours.

When I reached home, I realize I can’t live without my left hand! For instance,
1) I had to place my bag on the floor before using my right hand to open the door instead of holding bag with my left hand.
2) I had to change clothes using one hand.
3) I had to shower with my left arm lifted throughout.
4) I had to squeeze the toothpaste with right arm, on the toothbrush lying still instead of left hand squeezing the paste onto the toothbrush held by right hand.
5) I had to pump the body foam onto sponge using one hand instead of holding sponge on left hand and pump foam using right hand.
6) I had to spray my toner onto the face using right hand and even them using right hand, and of course the moisturizer.

I had enough, and I realized left hand is just as important. :-)

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