Friday, April 20, 2007

Vesak Day

I was chatting with sis yesterday when we talked about my trip home for Labour Day.

“So, when you will be back?” sis asked.
“Well, I applied leave for the Mon so I can have long weekend” I replied.
“When will you reach KL and when will you go back Sg again?”
“Will take either Fri midnight or Sat morning bus. Back to Sg on Mon if there is class. If there is no class, it will be Tues.”
“Why Tues? You do not have holiday on Wed?”

I was like “err… why is there a holiday on Wed, the 2nd May?”
“Because Labour Day and Vesak Day fall on the same day, and thus, the next day is a substitute holiday.”
“Hello sis, Vesak Day is on 31st May ok. What do you mean Vesak Day on 1st May?” I was checking my calendar at the same time, confirming that I did not see wrongly.
“No, Vesak Day is on 1st, not 31st. It’s already declared that 2nd is a PH.”

Not believing what I hear, I asked around. Cannot be right, there can’t be two Vesak day in the world. So which is which? Fiona and YH confirmed that they have the Vesak Day holiday substituted on 2nd. I can’t believe it.

(I think this is the first time Sg and Msia celebrating Vesak Day on a different day)

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babyfiona on 5:18 PM said...

haha, so singaporean really celebrate wesak on 31st??


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