Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I sleep really well these days; in Cantonese they’ll say “one sleep till dawn”. And I had dreams. Used to remember what I dreamed of but I couldn’t recall a single dream lately.

Have you ever dreamed of running? Sometimes with someone chasing after you, sometimes just you, running and keep running (don’t know whatever for). I have no idea but each time I woke up from these “running” dreams, I would pant, ya, pant as in, as if I really ran. Hahaha…

Then I had this dream when I bought a pair of ear-ring made of white steel, coiled into a see-through-hollow sphere contain a diamond in each sphere. I dreamed of something similar to the Blood Diamond. Not sure if the diamonds in the ear-rings triggered the dream, or the movie. I dreamed of someone coming after me for the diamonds and I had to run and run, to protect my diamonds! God, I wonder why I didn’t have this dream when I got myself the first 0.24 carat diamond ring as last year’s hard work reward.

Why am I talking about dreams today? Because Mike has just told me that he dreamed of me last night. He dreamed of being invited to my wedding and he actually attended, wearing short pants and singlet. Errr… and he forgot to bring red packet to my wedding! Hahaha… I told him that I understand my dear friends being anxious about getting me married off, but need not be too stressed. :-p

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