Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bring Your Own Bag Day (BYOBD)

What is BYOBD?

It's an effort by the NEA's (National Environment Agency) effort to encourage fellow shoppers to bring along their shopping bags and reduce the use of excessive plastic bags.

It started today and then, subsequently, on the first Wed of the month.

This reminds me of the 7-Eleven guy when I buy Sat paper every week.

"Bag for you Ms.?"
"Hmmm.. no thanks."

All of us play our part to the environment. As I have always mentioned in my presentation to customers, we fulfill our social responsibility as well to take care of the environment, and thus, we have only ODS Free Processes.

Everyone have to admit that global warming is a very alarming phenomenon now. The whole globe is experiencing change in the climate. Winters are shorter and warmer.

Let's play our role, in taking care of the environment, so that the generations after us breath in clean air. Can you imagine if we run out of oxygen? Perhaps every one of us will have to carry an oxygen tank on our back with a stupidly look "helmet" that looks like the one in one of the mobile phone advertisement.

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