Monday, April 16, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Honestly, I told myself I am not supposed to read anymore novel. I am not supposed to borrow or buy anymore fiction. I should be reading something to add value to my self-improvement instead. Well, the moment I stepped into Popular and saw that this book was on 20% sale, I went all crazy. Ok, maybe it wouldn’t hurt me if I break my own promise, just this once perhaps.

I heard that the show was good. How good, I am not sure, because I have yet watched, I was not really into the title till a movie lover told me I should watch it.

Let me just comment on the book, the set-up was something like Ugly Betty’s, in a glamorous, everybody wears branded stuffs kind of environment. And I can’t imagine how Andrea looks like. I can only imagine her as having the good enough body with a quite plain Jane wardrobe. Something different from Betty huh.

Well, maybe because I am very into Becky in Shopaholic series, I kinda expecting something smarter from An-dre-ah. Andrea got stucked in tough situation, while smart Becky bluffed her way through. The difference is significant, and I really hate the character. Biased…I admit.

The only thing in the book I like, the ‘privilege” she’s got because she is the famous Miranda’s assistant. Guess what, she can change into anything, from accessories to Jimmy Choo’s whenever she likes, at work, then drop the clothes back into the laundry basket when she changed them. And she gets to travel, with a very well organized Be-All, End-All Cosmetic Catchall.

There was every imaginable type of shadow, lotion, gloss, cream, liner and type of makeup. Lipsticks came in matte, high-shine, long-lasting and clear. Six shades of mascara-ranging in colour from a light blue to black, were accompanied by an eyelash curler and two eyelash combs in case of clumps. She was given the choice whether to add that healthy brush in the form of a liquid, solid, powder or a combination. Packed separately, were the suppliers of cotton balls, cotton squares, Q-tips, sponges, two dozen different size application brushes, washcloths, two different types of eye makeup remover, ie. moisturizing and oil-free and no less than twelve kind of moisturizer, ie. facial, body, deep-conditioning, with SPF 15, glimmering, tinted, scented, non-scented, hypo-allergic, with alpha-hydroxy, antibacterial, and sunburn lotion with aloe vera.

Also included in her package would be sketches of how she should get her make up done should she be attending anything from a not formal cocktail to a black tie function. Of course, not to mention the clothes she has to change into to give that look.
Envy…. Hahaha… I wish for the cosmetic catchall part, because I am absolutely hopeless in personal grooming, but then, wouldn’t the luggage me too much to bear? Gosh… Hahahaha…

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