Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am sick....

I was down with bad throat the evening before yesterday. Then I thought I might get sick real soon and so I went to see doctor. Well, at least not willingly. I normally do not see doctor unless I need MC. Haha.. coz I am a workaholic, so, I think of work all the time. But that evening was exceptional, I went to see doctor, I got an MC for yesterday.

But I still set my alarm to wake me up yesterday morning. Sad to say, I was really not well to go to work. When Uncle J smsed me asking if I want to have breakfast, I was too weak to reply. I was thinking of work every now and then though I couldn’t really do anything. Then, at 11.45am, YJ called me, telling me the fellow colleagues will go to my place to accompany me for lunch. Wow, I was touched, coz if they didn’t call, I may have skipped my lunch afterall.

Night time came just as fast; I have been asleep for whole day whole night. So, I thought watching tv may be good. But I was so wrong, after 3 hours of tv, my head got so heavy that I thought it might explode. When it was time to sleep, I vomited, then again and again until I fell asleep. Still, before I turned in, I set my alarm to wake me up today.

This morning I woke up, feeling much better, so I came to work. But actually I do not really feel well. SA says he will not pity me if I am knocked out today, because I am so stubborn to come to work even when my face is so pale and I am sneezing all the way. Well, I told him that if he understands me, he will not say much about me coming to work on a sick day. CC taking MC is rare, so is skipping work. If there is one day CC starts to skip work, day after day, then it’s a sign that CC is sick of the job and looking forward to move on.

Very tired now.. still a bit feverish, and I can’t wait to go home to get knocked out by yet another round of medicine….

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