Monday, January 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

ell, it’s home sweet home time. The third weekend as a SOLO. :-)

When you ask princess “what is countdown?”

She’ll reply, “five, four, three, two, one, blast off!”

Ask her if she wants to go Sg, she’ll say “yes, but I do not have a passport.” :-)

We went to Tesco to shop for groceries just now, a routine I do each time I come home. Bringing parents to get their necessities.

It used to be RM 100 worth of goods…. Then it became RM 100 ++ worth of goods.. then RM 200 worth of goods… and now, it became almost RM 300 worth of goods..

Not that I am complaining, but goods in M’sia is really expensive. We didn’t even fill the whole trolley with goods, and parents commented that they didn’t get the usual stuffs I used to buy. Anyway, I will be coming back again for CNY, so, perhaps we can do more shopping then.

I bet if it is in Sg, SGD 300 worth of goods can easily fill up 2 trollies, the least.

Wendy, Grace and I will be visiting Jenny tomorrow. Can’t wait to see my dearest silai, and the baby.

New Year, new beginning…. Happy New Year everyone!

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