Monday, January 08, 2007

Suddenly Sexy – Linda Francis Lee

Finished reading the 361 pages book in less than 24 hours, confirming that Linda Francis Lee is also a hilarious author, but, she is HOTTER than Sophie Kinsella.

LFL can write about making passionate love, from foreplay to the end. After reading 2 books of hers, I see some similarity in the characters. The female main character mainly, too vulnerable, and the male main character are too good to be true, gentleman, and protective.

Well, I intend to get another 2 books of the same series, Sinfully Sexy and Simply Sexy. I am expecting the same familiar feelings for the female and male characters. Though I am praying hard, please do not disappoint me. :-p

I do not remember, but there was an author who wrote about falling in love with the family. Most of her book, falling in love with the oh-so-right people in the beginning, to realize that he/she is blood related, revealed great stories buried beneath, then to realize that they are not blood related, and can be happily ever after. Not fair to mention her name, coz I honestly do not remember. I read her books like 10 years ago.

But I promise, one day when I remember, I will definitely share. In fact, I do not mind reading the same plot. Oh, so Korean…….

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