Saturday, January 27, 2007

I am back :-)

Ok, I have came back safe and sound, and the same old feeling all over again. It’s really warm back here. Flight back was delayed, and R sent me a sms asking me out on Sunday. Imagine, he tried to contact me as soon as he is back in Sg himself. He has just came back from business trip. I told him I was in Shanghai airport, and would be flying in just a while. Told him I am kind of occupied on Sunday, thus we have to meet up some other day.

In the plane, YJ and I were separated, because we didn’t indicate when we checked in, that we want to sit together. Imagine, what a “dong dong” staff Eastern Airlines has. What was the point of checking in together if we do not want to sit together? Funny as it is…

The old uncle who sat beside me was inconsiderate, he read papers with his arm widely spread and surely, he took half of my space. I was trying to read in disgust and anger. An hour plus later, he asked if I could help him filling up the white card. I was impressed, an old Chinese uncle can actually spell better than some young ones. :-) Lesson number one, do not judge a book by its cover.

He told me he was from Dalian (where in China, I do not know). He told me Dalian is 1 hour and 40 mins flight from Shanghai. So, he left Dalian 6.50 in the morning to take a flight to Shanghai before transfer to the flight to Sg. His flight from Dalian was delayed from 7am to 12pm, and it was snowing.

His purpose of visit to Sg, his second daughter is heavily pregnant, and he is coming to help her during confinement. Well, he is born in the year 1935, 6 years older than my dad, but obviously, my dad will sound more like a frog under the coconut shell than this uncle.

He has been to States, to visits his first daughter. He said he has traveled thrice to both States and Sg. He came Sg the first time, with his wife, back in 2001, when he came again in 2003, his wife has already passed on. He has been to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Boston, Mexico, you name it, and he has it. :-)

Well, I felt bad after talking to uncle, I have never brought my parents anywhere except to shop for groceries when I go home. Silently, I made a promise; I will definitely make something out this year, since I have the time in the world, by myself.

Uncle kept talking on and on about what he thinks of States, Sg and China. Made time flies slightly faster.

Woken up this morning by CW, my senior in high school. He called every once in a blue moon, and as I said, each time, I was kind of expecting wedding invitation. But this time round, it is slightly different. His gf of 7 years has just left him, claiming that she has no feeling for him anymore. And she has found some other new excitement in life, after moving office into some other department, that sound much more interesting and exciting than the previous life she has. Sound so familiar…… so like me. :-p

Well, CW is coming to Sg for a meeting on the 7th Feb, asking if I have time for him, then he will arrange to go back KL later. Well, no harm in catching up with an old friend, I agreed to take a day leave if he can extend his trip. Or perhaps I should take just half day off.

Things are changing at work, I hope I can cope with the changes, improve and move on. But with the changes, I am not sure if they will speed up or slow down my promotion. I was working real hard for it and now, my “empire” is gone. I have to start from scratch, once again. Do they think that I am really so energized to start all over again and again?

God knows………

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