Monday, January 22, 2007

Greetings from Wuxi....

It is good weather in Wuxi today, but YJ commented that she felt cold, teeth shattering with each other. I do not really feel well due to the time of the month, this is the first time in more than half a year, I travel with such heavy condition.

Traveling with someone is definitely different. YJ was late, in the morning. We were supposed to meet at 8am but she arrived 15 minutes later. Well, ok, then she told me she didn’t sleep well last night because the boyfriend and her quarreled. I didn’t ask much.

Just before we board, YJ told me she needed to call K. So, ok, I boarded the plane first, giving her some privacy. After all, I seldom travel with someone, so, I fully understand and appreciate the word ‘privacy’.

She boarded like 5 to 10 minutes later, with teary eyes. I asked “are you okay?” She said “no, I am not really okay”. That was it, I didn’t ask anymore. If she wanted to share with me, she could have told me right.

On the way to Wuxi from Shanghai, when we were in the car, she finally said it. That she quarreled with K because K seldom spends time with her. And I think I can conclude that her world is revolving around K’s. Just like mine revolving around B’s last time.

Well, what can I say? I couldn’t say anything to console, actually I couldn’t bring myself to say anything because I have just gotten myself out of a broken relationship, and who gives me that green light to mind about other people’s relationship? I just feel good this time to Wuxi, that I do not have that kind of mental burden like last few times.

This time, I am really enjoying my flight, my dinner, my shopping with D and of course, coming back to hotel to check email, without the obligation to chat with him anymore.

I like the weather, but going to the toilet in the morning is always a torture. Make me missed Japanese toilet seats with warmer. Anyway, just now while we were shopping, we saw some toilet seat cover made by not sure what, something like carpet. I bought one, just to reduce the torture toilet experience.

Anyway, quite tired now coz didn’t sleep well last night after talking to mum. My cousin of same year is getting married to her boyfriend of less than 2 years on 29th Sept’07. Why everyone seems to be so easy talking and planning and executing weddings when mine is just another failure.

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