Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My dear Singaporean......

Browsed through Auntie Serene’s New Paper last night. Read this column specifically meant for Singaporean or anyone for that matter, to comment on how Singaporean behaves in this “generation”.

One said it was better last time, lesser electronic gadgets, more time for family. One said it was better then; one can spit all they want.

Another comment that made me felt like writing back to comment was “I think Singaporean should learn about queuing up. I had this bad experience boarding the bus when the adult pushed the kid through me and…..”

Well, what can I say? I honestly think this fella, forgotten if it was he/she should make a trip to China, be it Guangzhou, Wuxi or Shanghai. Let him/her experience what is seriously “no manners” or seriously needed some civic education. Then, he/she will learn what is jumping queue.

Had really bad experience in the custom clearance line in the airport in Guangzhou, where the Chinese women didn’t know what personal space is. I hated it when people practically sticked on my back and kept pushing though obviously, the people in front were still queuing, for goodness sake!

Then the 2 morning Mc’D breakfast in Shanghai as I have shared earlier in my blog. Sigh, Singaporean…..

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