Monday, January 01, 2007

Babies? No thanks....

Visited Jenny and the 2 weeks old baby (a daughter just in case you wonder). Well, surely it was an experience, for her. Finally, I made it to meet her. Keeping my promise to her, for the FIRST time.

Met up with Wendy, Fiona (both my high schoolmates) and Grace (primary to high schoolmate) and of course, with Fiona’s hubby too. We had a meal and a coffee session at Coffee Bean to catch up with each other.

This trip/visit makes me realize quite a few things:-
1) I would really love a place called “home”, “home sweet home” :-)
2) I am not prepared for babies, or kids to be specific, because I think I am not responsible enough to bear the lifetime commitment, ie. the pregnancy, labour, growing pains, education and etc….

CJ says, everyone would want to have a complete family. Perhaps it is not time for me yet. Till then…. no thanks… :-)

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