Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thunderstorm day...

I woke up slightly later today, with a sore neck, think I sprained my neck when I slept. Haha… pain in the neck. Made my way to the bus stop like a thunderstorm, dropping buy the usual confectionary shop to get my breakfast.

After few minutes of waiting, 151 came, but too packed to board, driver didn’t even bother to stop. Well, no choice, I gotta take any bus that comes along, else I’ll be late to work.

Hopped on 25 with a great relief, but stressed. God, I couldn’t recognize which bus stop I gotta alight. So, seeing “Singtel” building, I hopped down. Shit, wrong bus stop. It took me a few minutes to hop onto another bus, 87.

Dare not go into the rear of the bus, my eyes fixed at the buildings along the road. Which bus stop should I alight at?

“Colleen! Colleen!”

Ok, I thought I was dreaming when I heard someone calling. I turned around, to see Singh smiling at me asking me “What happened?”

Phew, I was so relieved to see Singh, coz this means I did not have to look out for which bus stop to alight, I can just follow him.

What a start of the day.

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