Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry X'mas everyone........

X’mas is just another day away.

Yesterday when I left office, shouted at my colleagues and bosses, “bye everyone! Have a Merry X’mas!”, it sounded so good and so merry and so happy. From young, I have loved X’mas, to the max. Of all the festival, I feel much more for X’mas as compared to the others, CNY doesn’t come even close.

I have a habit of wishing “Happy New Year” to the elderly during CNY, that once, an uncle told me “we are Chinese, we should say Gong Xi Fa Cai”. Not in English. :-(

Somehow feel I am so English or Western inside, I feel good whenever I wished “Merry X’mas!”. It sounds joyful and again, happy.

But am I happy? As soon as I left office, I hummed the song by don’t know who, but it was a Chinese song “lonely, lonely x’mas… merry, merry x’mas….” Ya, celebrating X’mas alone this year.

Still remember last year, while having X’mas eve dinner with B, I was called by my Japanese boss to be back to office. Well, reaching office, was told that mold will be tested past midnight. So, I went back home, slept till they call me at 2 in the morning, went back to the office and worked till 12 the next day. What a memorable X’mas.

Bought a set of bathing foam for Auntie Serene, hope she likes them. Everyone like to pamper themselves a little, am I right? ;-)

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