Monday, December 18, 2006

First weekend as a SOLO

Sat, 16th Dec’06

Opened my eyes at 7 plus, to realize that it was my first Sat in Auntie Serene’s house. Well, no harm sleeping in a little late on a Sat. When I woke up at 9 plus, I asked Auntie Serene to show me the direction to Mc’Donalds, I gotta check my emails.

Mc’D is just walking distance from home. It is opposite Paya Lebar Kovan CC. Funny, when CJ asked me, which Mc’D I was in, I was like… er… I was not sure. Then tried my very best to describe the surroundings and road. Well, guess it is CJ’s territory after all.

I would like to share my experience in this Mc’D. Gosh, I was there for the breakfast, as usual. Was talking to mom when I placed order, and the cashier said “sorry miss, we do not serve $2 breakfast on weekends, only on weekdays”.

“I meant sausage mc’muffin set?”

“Oh, you meant the set, sorry, what drink do you want?”

Well, it was not a good thing, but I was grateful that no one jumped into my queue like last week when I was in Shanghai. Not even when I was busy talking on the phone with my mom.

Breakfast time in Singapore’s Mc’D ends at 11am, while Shanghai’s ends at 10am. Goodness, how do people wake up so early to catch breakfast in Shanghai. Anyway, I got my breakfast, with coffee of course, and went to log on to the wireless, starting working and chatting with CJ.

At about 10 plus, nearly 11, I finished my cup of coffee and wanted to refill, badly. Oh ya, refill is free of charge by the way. Well, what to do, I am all alone in the Mc’D, I couldn’t leave my laptop and my handphones on the table unattended, and I couldn’t keep everything into the bag and lugged it to refill my cup of coffee.

Well, as usual, at 11 sharp, breakfast time was over. There came one of the staff holding a kettle of coffee, if you would like to refill for the last time. Of course, I had my cup refilled. After that, I realized, I used up my sugar and creamer and my tray was kept away. Just when I turned to look at the counter, the same staff came smiling at me, with packets of sugar and tubes of creamer. I was amazed. Then I realized I have got another problem, my stirrer was in the tray!

Left with no choice, I decided to just shake my cup of coffee to stir. Guess what, the same staff came again, holding a stirrer for me! God, was I amazed, impressed by her attentiveness and thoughtfulness. I didn’t even open my mouth, asking for anything and yet, there she was, being there for me whenever I needed something. I will definitely go back to the Mc’D again to have my weekly breakfast. (And for your additional info, she is slightly handicapped, I didn’t pay too much attention on what her problem was, if she was deaf or dumb, could be either or both? God is fair……..)

This incident reminded me of the book CJ lent me for flight back from Shanghai, Broken Windows, Broken Business, by Michael Levine. The book teaches you that every single thing in the business counts, especially how you make you customers feel. I definitely feel good in this case and wouldn’t mind walking for 15 minutes for my weekly breakfast. :-)

Later in the afternoon, I went back to old house to pick up my mails, then met up with Julia and Choi Wee for dinner. Well, as usual caught up with each other. Julia met her new bf at new work. I hope this relationship works for her, and the guy is sincere towards her, unlike her ex fiancé.

That was all for Saturday… pretty much boring in my own way.

Sun, 17th Dec’06

It was raining when I woke up this morning, thus, decided to sleep in real late. My real late was 11 plus. Today’s plan was to Bugis to pray in the temple. Made my way out soon after even though it was raining.

Got this lot from the temple:
Heart and mind must be pure, be not selfish. Observe the precepts for Buddha never lied when he talked of Kama.
Interpretation: Medium
Do not be selfish lest you be prosecuted. Only goodwill follow you if you are good to others and your career.

Well, I am not so sure of what does that mean, but I am quite sure I am good to everyone. Hello, I pray for everyone’s goodwill each time ok?

Anyway, after praying, I went to the cinema, bought myself ticket for The Holiday show before went to the temple. Well, the movie was so-so, though the plot could be interesting. Perhaps too much talking, but nevertheless, I enjoyed myself, and I heard myself and a few girls laughed heartily. Was I awkward that I watched romance story by myself? No, not at all. Guess what, there was this guy, fell asleep in the cinema. How did I know? He snored!! Hmm… still, I salute him for accompanying his better half into the cinema, though obviously, he wasn’t the least interested!

It was interesting to know there is this thing called “home rental”. Meaning, you exchange your home with another person, for 2 weeks vacation. Well, Cameron Diaz, in LA, USA and Kate Winslet in Surrey, England exchanged home. One from her posh mansion, and the other from her cosy cottage. I like both, so to the extreme. :-)

After the show, I went to V8 for my favorite lamb chop. Didn’t even bother to look at the menu, I placed my order immediately after seated. The chop was good today, tender and simply good, but fattening, coz I had 2 meals in 4 hours. So, no dinner for me tonight.

I’ve got slight headache, probably due to the rain. Gotta turn in earlier tonight… nite nite….

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