Monday, December 25, 2006

Second weekend as a SOLO

Second weekend as a SOLO

Saturday, 23rd Dec’06

Waking up at 9 plus on Sat morning, I left for Mc’D to work, together with Auntie Serene, invited her to join me for breakfast. Didn’t receive many emails probably because customers have already left for their long holiday, some of which wouldn’t be back till after 2nd Jan’07.

I went to my first facial in AMK, didn’t really want to meet bro and gf so they won’t be able to ask too many questions. Ended up asking HIM if HE was free for a drink. So, took a bus from AMK all the way to Harbourfront, but way too early on time, so, I wandered around the newly opened Vivo City. Heck, Singaporean have nothing to do other than shopping is it. The “city” was full house, with long queues at restaurants.

I “tumbled” upon a bookshop, quite big, named PageOne. Bought a book by Linda Francis Lee titled “The Wedding Diaries”. Bought a small cup of Chunkey Monkey, banana flavoured ice-cream with walnut and chocholate. :-) It was good… haha.. eating while walking in such a big crowd.. shiok…! Reminded me of when we were in Shanghai, eating ice-cream in Nanjing East Rd.

We went to East Coast, had a bottle of vodka each while sitting facing the fierce waves washing off the shore. Confided in HIM, cried and cried on HIS shoulder. Then we went to the pub named BFD for another few round of drinks, till I was tipsy all over. Well, there goes, I have rashes all over my neck again. :-(

Sunday, 24th Dec’06
Woken up by a sms from HIM, asking if I want coffee. Meaning breakfast, well, HE said he would arrive in 30 mins, so, up I went, to take bath (didn’t take bath before I turned in last night because of drunk, slightly drunk).

Came back home to read Sat’s paper but received a phone call from an ex-staff complaining about her bad days at work, for 2.5 hours straight, my ear was painful. Lending ears to people is not an easy task ya.

B left X’mas gifts at the front door, a pair of thermal gloves for my overseas trip in winter and a bottle of Ralph Lauren perfume.

Met B for X’mas dinner, but knew things have changed. We went to formerly called “Marche” now called “Village” for my favorite lobster. We chatted casually, until almost end of the dinner, started to talk seriously about our relationship.

Well, true as it is, he wasn’t ready to get married, that was why he dragged and put off marriage discussion for the past year. And too bad, even now, I can’t bring myself to trust that he really love me so much to the extent he is not able to let go. I guess the fear of failure plays a part. His super natural instinct to lie in everything makes me lose confidence yet again. Let’s just take this opportunity to think of what we really want.

For now, I would be grateful if we could move on with our lives, then see if our paths can ever intersect again.

15 minutes to Christmas… Merry X’mas again everyone!

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