Monday, December 11, 2006

Then, again........

Should be published on 7th Nov'06

Dad complained that a guy friend of mine called the home phone and asked for my number in Sg, RUDELY. Well, whoever it is, please call and talk nicely to my parents. I have tons of friends, so, you replying that you are a friend is like.......

I missed SILAI very much, tried calling her yesterday on her mobile phone but she didn't pick up. What the heck, scared the hell out of me. It has been quite some time since she talked to me online. So, I smsed her hubby in Pg and asked if everything is OK. In the meantime, I got her Sbg home phone number from Fiona and tried calling. Thank God, she answered the phone but sounded out of breath. Then, my blood boiled, she was mopping the floor when no one was at home! Me, being protective as usual, surely not happy. In fact, I was kind of angry. She said it is easier to mop the floor when no on is at home, so they won't complain the floor is wet. Hello, who in the world mop the floor without water???

Fiona said pregnant woman should move more for easy labor. I understand but... still boiling... SILAI then smsed me asked me not to be too anxious, she's fine and she thought of me too. She thought I avoided her coz I forgot to get her the grapes. I didn't keep my words, AGAIN. She said I was supposed to be back during Raya, but I didn't take the long weekend coz flew back to Sg only on Deepavali.

Actually, I am really proud of SILAI. She's a real independent woman. Hubby not by her side all the time. Each time, I try to be protective, overly protective, coz she's always the SILAI I know in high school, the gentle demure pretty girl I spent years with. I really wish to see her growing tummy and be there with her, for her during the pregnancy. :-)

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tjenn on 12:35 PM said...

This is something that I want to detest long time ago...I AM NOT SILAI!!


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