Saturday, July 14, 2007

July, the birthday month

I will be away to Wuxi from Mon, 16th to Sat, 21st July'07.

Not sure if it is because I am born in July, and thus I pay more attention to birthdays in July, or because really many people were born in July. ;-p

Just to name a few:
Sham's - 4th July
My dad's - 10th July (if remember correctly, Wai Yee and Jackie Cheung share the same bday also)
Max's - 11th July
Kenneth's & Jet Kie's - 12th July
Mike - 14th July
Mei Yan's - 15th July
My niece's - 17th July
Far'east's - 20th July
Wallace's - 21st July
Alex's - 24th July
My sis' - 31st July

My birthday falls on 19th July, and I am blessed to "celebrate" it with my twin bro in States (we were born ON the same day) and Shirley (who is 2 years older).

This year, I am celebrating in Wuxi. Real summer birthday for the first time. It's not gonna be fun coz it's gonna be hot.

Pray hard that those bad throats and bad nose I have been supressing for so long will not explode there. Else, Mr. Fever, Mr. Cough, Ms. Flu will come and visit me at one go.

Well, received my first birthday present from him. Because he didn't know my actual date then, he gave it to me in June when I was leaving for Wuxi for 2 weeks, fearing he might missed my birthday by the time I tell him the date. It's my first birthday present in years, to be honest. And I guess it's not cheap. [And remember, I mentioned in May, that the wallet I was using very old already? It's a great gift, isn't it?]

He also gave me a hp strap with bell, bought in Narita Airport. The bell reminds me of him whenever it rang. "For safe journey", he said.

Next, he gave me the infamous coffee from Vietnam with a maker. I have yet tried the coffee. But I am grateful he thought of me whenever he travels. :-)

3 lil' thoughts:

Xilly on 7:15 AM said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!

He is so sweet!

Travel again, save trip & enjoy your journey.

Dani on 12:27 AM said...

Happy birthday to you! may all the success be yours coz you are really deserve it.. happy holiday! do blog about your trip ya..

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 12:21 AM said...

lol..u know why lotsa ppl born btw july-oct period? LOL..

Cos 10 months ago, it's nov-Jan period, where there are lotsa holidays and bonus, so ppl tend to 'celebrate'! lol..


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