Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I went shopping with AT on Sat, from 5 up to 10 plus at night. We went to Junction 8 and Orchard to shop for his gifts for gf. :-) Our drop dead romantic AT... hahaha..

He wanted to watch Transformers but I refused. It’s really not my type of movie… but he is going to kill me if he knows I watched it on Sunday.

And I was so sleepy that I fell asleep for a split second…

Well, it’s not that the show was not nice (many people would say they have their thumbs up or even toes up for the show). R said he wants to get the DVD. OMG, we have just finished a show that put me to sleep, and he wants to get the DVD to watch again?

I was sort of excited when the show first started. I have long forgotten what Transformers were all about, except for the part the robots can transform, obviously. :-p

But as the show went on, I was getting more and more tired and sleepy and yawned a couple of times that he asked me to sleep if too bored…

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