Saturday, July 14, 2007

8 random things you do not know about me

Previously, Michelle tagged me the 7 random things about me. Now, she tagged me, 8 random things you do not know about me.

God, looks like I am gonna reveal some dark secret here. [ahem, sorry to disappoint, no dark secret... haha...]

1) I am a workaholic. People who knows me, will know this.
2) Which means, I will not take MC or leave unless I really need to.
3) Which also means, I will work regardless of the hour, whenever I can.
4) Which brings to, working on my emails when lecturer is teaching.
5) Which brings to, the first thing I do when I wake up, is to check my emails.
6) Which also means, anything and everything else will not be priority, and this includes better half, family and friends.
7) Which is bad, as you guessed it, I do not have many friends in Sg.
8) But ever since I visited K in hospital on Tues, I realised that there are something else other than work. HEALTH is very important.

Actually this explains why I have never actually been away for a proper vacation. Can anyone help????

Ok, to tag 8 bloggers:
1) Kev
2) Fiona
3) BokJae
4) Dani
5) Nesh
6) Dr. SL
7) Nigel
8) PatientKing

5 lil' thoughts:

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 8:25 PM said...

sure! Come over to oz.. i'll bring u ard!

Colleen on 10:39 PM said...

Tat's sweet of u Kev.. thanks in advance.. :-)

Dani on 1:13 AM said...

colleen, thanks for the tag.. I'm collecting my stuffs now.. will let you know when i publish mine..

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 1:05 AM said...

done ur tag!

Maurice said...

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