Saturday, July 14, 2007

My PR Renewed....

Remember my post about my PR was about to expire? Well, I renewed the Re-Entry Permit (REP) today.

Ever since the meeting with the customer I mentioned, I asked Ricky, my ex colleague who has just renewed his. So, I went online and download the form and prepared the necessary. If you are looking forward to renew yours, please prepare in advance, else you’ll wanna kill yourself for a wasted trip.

Log on to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority for detailed information.

For my case, as an employee, I have to bring these to the CIA:
1) Completed form (can choose to renew either 5 or 10 years. S$10 fee for each year)
2) A letter from company (must dated less than 1 month from your renewal)
3) CPF contribution history for the past 12 years (seriously, you MUST get the history! Do not go there with your previous Jan to Dec history. I’ll tell you more later.)
4) Income Tax Notices of Assessment for the last 3 years (if you mis-placed any of your assessment, you have to go to IRAS and retrieve the document, paying S$12 and 30 cents for the printing.)

As I mentioned, I rarely take leave unless if it is ultimate necessary, I chose to renew mine today, Saturday. When I reached Lavender station at 5 mins before 8am (the official opening hour, they are closing at 1pm on Saturdays), I thought I was early and I may be able to leave real early.

You won’t believe it if I tell you. But as I emerged from the station towards the building, I saw LOOOONG queue. So, what else, just follow the end of the line. Least did I expect, the line went round the building, 2 times. Yes, you read this right. 2 freaking times. Lucky though, it’s Sg, and the line was just to enter the building. So, the crowd was diverted into different levels for different purposes.

When I reached Level 5 for Permanent Residents, the queue was quite long, just not that bad. Got my queue number which was 01035, the number they were serving was like ten or so, and there were 9 counters. So, I didn’t have to wait long.

My number was called, I presented the officer with everything I prepared. And she die die wants me to produce the 12 months CPF contribution history. Despite my CPF statement saying my last contribution was in Jun’07 and company letter dated few days ago that I am still employed. And she asked me to go to Level 1, use the online computer there to print out my statement.

Seriously, it may sound like my fault. But I tried retrieving my contribution history few days ago but the command failed. So, I thought a Statement would be fine. Sigh… So, down I went, to queue further for the online computer, with 6 people in front of me. Though just 6, the waiting was damn long, and there wasn’t any officer to extend assistance. The lady in front of me had problem with hers, so, she asked me to help. Then, my turn and I rushed back to Level 5.

(At this point of time, I wished I went there with someone…)

Within 15 mins after the up and down, I got my PR renewed, for 10 years starting from 14th July 2007.

The officer told me that since I have my REP renewed, probably I would wanna extend my access card expiry date. And I have to do it in Level 2. So, there I went, and in less than half hour, I am done, with my access card extended to Dec’08.

Well, all in all, I was quite pissed when the officer asked me to get the contribution history. Such an inflexible system. :-(

2 lil' thoughts:

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 11:18 PM said...

troublesome yes, but nonetheless u don't need to worry about it for another 10 years!

Colleen on 11:20 AM said...

ya Kev, thank goodness for that.. :-)


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