Friday, July 06, 2007

I missed Penang...

I told Grace in Penang that I will go back on the week of 20th July. Then she wrote an email informing the 4 musketeers telling them I am going back. I also told silai that I will be visiting her and baby. But she’s going to scold me and ignore me for some time now, coz I have to go Wuxi again.

I am really sorry, for not keeping my promise once again. I am still gathering my courage to call you to cancel my trip. Sigh….

I told the musketeers that I will definitely make my way back end of the year, of course, after my exam. Angie replied by saying she hope I will not be back end of Nov, coz she’ll deliver then. OMG, I am so happy for Angie.

Last I went back to Penang was May’06 to attend our dear Angie’s BIG day to SC. And she is having baby this year. Maybe it’s Dhana’s or Kai Sin’s or Grace’s turn next year, as we always joked, then, this Royal Highness will make her way back every year. :-)

Well, wasn’t I right? That Malaysian population is increasing….? :-)

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