Saturday, October 06, 2007

Portable DVD player

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Good news for those who are “chauffeuring” your kids around and need help to keep your kids’ butt on the car seats. Hehe… introducing to you a 10 inch DVD player (or 26.4cm in SI metric), perfect for your kids, whenever you drive them around, not just to classes and tuitions, but also long car ride for family outing, no?

The portable DVD player comes with a re-chargeable battery pack that gives you up to 4 hours continuous play time. Not enough for 2 series of Harry Porter? Not to worry, you can also plug it directly to your cigarette lighter for in-car use.

The player can play most DVDs and CDs, including MP3, MP4, VCD, DIVX and JPEG formats. It also comes with a built-in surround sound effect stereo speakers with Dolby Digital decoding and anti shock suspension for your restless kids.

Now you can have a peace of mind when you are “chauffeuring” your kids around. =)

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