Thursday, October 04, 2007

My rojak Chinese...

Beware, below is an entry about medical. I am not “medically” inclined, so the terms I used are layman terms. :-p

Went to the Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution at Toa Payoh to get my back checked again. Sharp pain comes and go. Sore pain comes and go.

It was my first time there. HY sent May and I to the “hospital” and we took the queue number before going for dinner. Registration started at 6.30pm and May advised me to see a senior consultant who is very experienced. So, to her I went. May told me after dinner, “one thing I didn’t tell you is, there will be apprentice in the consultation room”. I was taken aback, “huh, apprentice? Then no privacy ah?”

While waiting for V (D’s hubby), I peeped into the consultation room through the small window. WOW! APPRENTICE is an understatement. APPRENTICES! There were 6 of them in the small room with 6 patients!

The apprentices were taking notes. The lady sinsei was blunt and fierce. She reprimanded the apprentices and the patients. “Air-cond feels good huh. Now you know pain ah” “Don’t wear short pants to sleep in air-cond room ah, wear long pants ah” “Ate too much meat, time to go on diet ah”… bla bla bla…

Then I became “gan cheong”. Was worried she’ll scold me for some “sin” I have done that caused my back pain.

What kind of pain you feel?" she asked in Chinese. (Chinese are highlighted in orange here)
Sometimes “sharp pain”, and sometimes sore pain” I replied. Not able to express myself well in Chinese.
What sharp pain? Zhen tong is it?
Ya, zhen tong”.
Then say zhen tong, don’t say what sharp pain. Youngsters nowadays, speak Rojak Chinese”.

:-( wawawa... how do we "banana" express ourselves in full Chinese sentence? :-(

Once “kraccckkkk” to the left, and once to the right. Then 3 more times on the spine. That was it. Felt better.

But pain came back yesterday. I think I should really go for a scan.

2 lil' thoughts:

jam on 4:45 PM said...

But it is good for a banana to know what is zheng tong liao. Hehe!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 2:53 PM said...

hey.. ya go for a scan lor.. more in depth.

And I hate such doctors lor. I used to go to a dentist in Compassvale point, and the dentist is like reprimaning me about my teeth, and very sarcastic. Asked him if sometimes my gum will bleed if there is anything wrong etc.. and he asked me back: "What do you think!?" I will never go back there again... pay money to be scolded. wanted to complain, but haiz.. can't be bothered in the end..


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