Monday, October 01, 2007

Am back....

I am back. Thanks for all the best wishes. :-) How was exam you may ask. One word, TOUGH. Sigh... I thought I was more or less prepared, but the questions still caught me off guard.

Worse case, at the last 5 mins in the long questions paper, when the examiner said to a classmate, that he should re-do the whole graph again. I double checked my graph. GOD! I didn’t realize the question gave us the target value, and I spent 10 mins to calculate the target value, getting some decimal places in between, and round up to a bigger integer. And you guessed right, I did it wrongly. Lucky thing was, there was 5 mins left, I corrected the value in the table and started erasing the plotting on the graph and made it when the examiner said “1 more mins, please check all your answers”.

Phew… for the whole Sat afternoon, I have been thinking of the DNOM chart. I should have read twice, thrice and however many times I am supposed to, but I just didn’t. I was overly confident on that question, other than the DOE part. Just pray hard I didn’t do any careless mistake in the average effect calculations.

After exam, I felt lost. Empty. Have been attending classes for the past 4 months and thinking of the exam for whole of last month, and it’s finally over. Result will be out in 6 weeks time. Though I feel that I may have marginally passed or failed, I am hoping for the best, and preparing for the worse. :-(

Went to library to get 2 books then met up with AT, SW, her fiancé, and her fiancé’s friend for dinner. Have not met SW since A Level, which was like almost a decade. Haha… and I have known her for 2 decades. :-p

We had Vietnamese food. Then we had some dessert and proceeded to coffee at Bugis Junction when AT suddenly said “let’s watch Balls of Fury. My gf doesn’t like this kind of boh-liao show”. I was like, “I have not even heard of the show, but seeing you are leaving, and I very bored, ok lor”. At 7.50pm, we bought the 7.50pm show. SW, fiancé, and his friend didn’t want to join coz they have to attend church service early on the next day.

Balls of Fury
So we rushed up to Shaw. The show just started, just nice. It’s really a boh-liao show, but hilarious. Good enough to de-stress. We had a good laugh, that’s very important after my exam. :-p

The show ended at 9 or so, and we went for a drink at Terra. AT called Rickson who came to Sg 2 months ago. Rickson is our high school friend. Rickson came, with gf and we chatted. Been years since I last met Rickson actually.

The 3 of them talked about finance, how much this friend is earning and stuffs, and as usual, when comes to finance, I am a total idiot. More inferior when I was told those friends in oil & gas are earning a fortune. God….

Our catch-up drink ended at almost 11pm, when I was supposed to meet an ex colleague for a drink at East Coast Park. We reached BFD at about 11.30, and were told that the kitchen is closed, so, there were only drinks and chips available. No sausages for me… :-(

He shot 2 IQ questions….. And I gave up the moment he finished the questions. No fun, he said. Damn lazy to think. :-p

A glass of margarita was it took to make me tipsy. :-( Been 2 months since I went drinking. Hehehe…

Back drop dead, but woke up at 7am on Sunday…… damn…..

Shoot em'Up
Watched Shoot em’Up with R on Sunday. Sigh…. It’s a M18 show, pervasive strong bloody violence, sexuality and some language. :-(

An overly exaggerated plot. Bad guys don’t die easily, do they?

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