Thursday, October 18, 2007

In Wuxi

I am away to (at) Wuxi. Will be back to Sg, touching down on Sun morning.

This trip, I am taking midnight flights, to and fro.

Last night, the luggage was so heavy, I tumbled down the stairs. I was being very careful since my back has just recovered. Dropping the bag onto the conveyor, 19.3kg it read. Phew… not overloaded. Now, backache, shoulders ache. Wish for massage... how I wish D and YJ are here. Hahaha…

Boss asked if I slept on the plane. Actually, sort of. I chose a 2 seaters and the flight wasn’t full. Blessed. :-) [But I didn’t get to watch any show coz I was so sleepy, my battery went almost flat.]

Very tired now in the office, but grateful that it’s cooler these days. Celebrating Diana’s (belated) birthday tonight. She fell last night, on her birthday. I asked if it was because she couldn’t contain the excitement being someone lived for half a century. Yaya…. I was mean, but thank goodness she’s fine.

JJ was asking me, what age we should be getting for the candle on the birthday cake. When I celebrated my birthday here in July, I asked for an “18”. Every year “18” I said. How about for Diana? Putting an “18” will definitely cheer her up. :-)

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