Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Which hospital to choose...?

How I feel: Mild sore breast, wobbled food like pig during meal times

I went to see Chinese Sinsei again yesterday. She asked to see gynae in 2 weeks time. Also not to carry my laptop on the shoulder.

She asked how I felt and things like that. I told her I didn’t feel anything. Only occasional tired.

Slept like a pig too.

Sinsei prescribed 2 weeks worth of medicine to “yong toi”. Just nice to replenish before we head to Beijing.

Now, the big headache that is still disturbing, what about the gynae arrangement.

Hubby agreed to go for hospital tour this Sat.

I still feel 15 and 16. Don’t know which hospital should I choose.

Don’t really like KKH due to Kandang Kerbau name.. but it’s economical enough to get the best service there.

Really love TMC (Thomson Medical Centre) 1 bedded room. But what if there is complication and need to refer back to KKH?

Duhz.. the headache continues for a while I guess.

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