Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally.. our 1st gynae appt fixed..

How I feel: feel more nausea, but no throwing up, still mild sore breast

After a few big hoo and haa.. I finally made an appointment with the gynae I had wanted even before pregnancy, Dr. Yvonne Tan from TMC.

Read from internet, she is good, caring, and good at stitching. She has many patients who are doctors themselves. Although her fee is slightly high, it is surprisingly slightly cheaper than our supposedly 1st appointment at KKH.

So, our 1st gynae appointment will be on Thurs, 29th Apr, just before our Beijing trip. Although I feel perfectly fine, I am still worried when mom keep nagging about how not to walk so much in Beijing.

I appreciate elderly advice, but not to the extent worry me so much…

Lately, I have been able to doze off without much effort. Hahaha…

Many new friends in forum says they have really bad morning sickness, but people who are close to me like Jenny, JoAnne did not have any when they were pregnant.

I thought I am lucky enough… and I pray this is the worst I will ever experienced, coz I can’t afford to go on MC for weeks…

Beijing trip is my first long vacation ever, 8 days in total, without my laptop! Yippie! First long vacation, without having to work! But phone will still ring… still, the thought not having to work at the end of tired day in Beijing, thrills me.. :-)

My new objective in life: to think of just happy thoughts! :-D :-D

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babyfiona on 10:35 PM said...

yes, ur mom is right dear, u SHOULD NOT walk too much at this early stage.
Anyway enjoy your trip :)


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