Saturday, April 10, 2010

10th Apr 2010 (The Day)

Yeah, today is the day. And menses didn't come! I think I should be confirmed preggy, no? :-)

I started to write in Singapore Motherhood, asking the mummies to-be on my concerns.

Most of them say I should visit gynae before my trips, and I should really consider changing gynae.

Thinking about it, ya. I should reconsider. Why would I want to stick with Dr. Irene Chua if it means sleepless night?

So, now need to search online for more recommendation.

There is this Dr. Adrian Woodworth in Sengkang, near enough and he has a package that is reasonable. Even without hubby in town, I could have gone to see him myself. Ideal..?

But I don't know if I can accept a male gynae.. need to talk to hubby later when he comes back from his mj session. :-)

Good thing is, Dr. Adrian Woodworth will be delivering in Thomson Medical Centre, where I wanted it to be. Not Kandang Kerbau! Hahahaha....

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