Saturday, April 10, 2010

9th Apr 2010 (29th day from last menses)

How I feel: still feel hungry easily, ocassional tummy cramp and easily tired after walking

Still don't feel that preggy... keep reminding myself to be careful at all times.

And still bothered by the trips.. there is another one in June.. but I really enjoy traveling. :-p

Hubby helped to change appointment with Dr. Irene Chua. It's going to be on 31st May, and that will be Week 11! Some says it's ok, some says it's too late. I think I really ought to see a gynae before flying to put my mind to ease.

Went to meet Phyllis, Michelle and Fiona with Sabrina after work. We had dinner at Din Tai Fung @ Cityhall. God, couldn't recall why I hated Din Tai Fung. The food was fantastic! Reached home rather late, at almost 11pm. Felt so tired and I couldn't help worrying. Is baby OK?

Reached home, I grabbed my towel and took out the 2nd last kit we have and went to bathe. It turned out baby is fine. I think I am being overly paranoid now, there is nothing to keep me calm except to see a gynae soon. :-p I need an assurance baby is in me!
And the line is darker this time.. :-p

Tomorrow is the day.. menses will be due tomorrow.. is it true we are expecting? Can't help worrying...

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