Saturday, August 11, 2007

My first vacation....


Been a while since I last wrote here… work have been crazy ever since the promotion. It was the second best birthday present this year, PROMOTION. I supposed we saw it coming, need some motivation to keep people going. And thus, the INCREMENTS throughout (I hope) the company.

From few weeks ago, it was kind of “official” or “un-official” that we will take SQ flights wherever we go. So, we are on our way to get more miles… and edible food on plane. :-p


Day 1

Talking about all that, I finally took my “well-deserved” vacation. I finally made it, to my first vacation in (working) life.

It was Sg National Day on Thurs, so, I took Friday leave for the trip. My first trip to Bangkok (BKK) was 3 years ago, when I first joined my previous company. I went there with a colleague for training on gram load tester machine, and then went sightseeing for 2 days. :-)


Stayed in Le Fenix Sukhumvit hotel, which was really nice. The décor was contemporary and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it online. Well, because we went out whole day and didn’t return until late night, we didn’t actually explore to the swimming pool. Haha…
First stop

It was a relaxed trip, we went to pray the very first evening.

Central World Plaza

Then we shopped at Central World Plaza (also known as the former WTC). The plaza was so huge that I don’t think we covered half of it. Bought 2 MNG's spag for 190 Baht each. Cheap.. :-p We walked back to the hotel and midway, I whined. I couldn’t walk no more. :-( We had been walking for practically 3 hours straight…. :-( Counting down to Sukhumvit 3, then 5, then 7…and our hotel was at 11!!! :-p


Then got a shot of motivation, my favorite sausage at the nearby 7-Eleven. Goodness, 7-Eleven was practically everywhere! There were 3 at just one street. It was so convenient to get milk, and snacks… :-) Too bad we didn’t dare to eat by-the-street food, though they smell really nice. Haha…

Day 2

Typical Thai Food (yummy…)

The next day, we had brunch at a very typical set-up Thai restaurant. They served good tomyam soup and good food. But as you can see, they provide mosquitoes repellant. I was shocked, but realized it was of use!! If you could see the fan behind me, the fan actually turned 3-dimensions…. Not like the fans we have at home, left to right to left… they turned in 360 deg. Impressive….

HUGE Paragon!!

Then we went to shop at Paragon, not just Paragon, but a SUPER HUGE Paragon, with a SUPER HUGE cinema! There were 14 cinemas in all, and the posters were all very HUGE. It was amazing.

Bourne Ultimatum

Sneaks preview in Sg today, and it’ll start showing in Sg on 16th Aug, but we watched it in BKK already. Made sure it’s English version before we bought the tickets. The experience from the moment we bought the tickets, to making the grand entrance into the cinemas, we were awed by the HUGE posters and the SPACE. Goodness, what BKK has is SPACE!!!

The cinema was of 28 seats per row time K rows, means, it could contain at least 308 people at one time. The screen, needless to say, from wall to wall. It was so HUGE that I had trouble seeing everything. The seats were soft and good.

When we were shiok shiok enjoying the advertisements, suddenly everyone stood for the “Royal Anthem”. We were caught by surprise, but stood nevertheless. Show respect ma…
The show was generally "action-packed" but we had headache after the show, coz it was "shaky" all the time, and imagine watching it on a wall to wall screen. It was quite horrible.....

Gourmet Market

After having dinner, we went to the supermarket. It was one of the most systematic and nicely done supermarket we have ever been to in our life. The varieties were all so well-organised.

Back home

We made our way back today. The Suvarnabhumi Airport was amazing. Didn’t realize this when we touched down coz we just took a cab and made our way to hotel. It’s another well-organised place, to our amaze. There were no repetitive shops like in Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Actual Facts

Well, I didn’t know about all this info when I was there, but now that I searched online, I got all this information.

Apparently Paragon is one of the biggest shopping centre in Asia. It has a total gross area of 300,000 square meters. Gourmet Market takes up 8,000 square meters of its space. Major Cineplex is 25,000 square meters big.

Aren’t they just BIG?

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babyfiona on 1:21 AM said...

weee.. u did'nt go to chatuchak market and MBK? nice place to get cheap stuff :P

Colleen on 1:06 PM said...

Went to Chatuchak and MBK when I went there 3 years back. This trip not so much time to roam about, so, tried new places instead. :-p

bokjae on 2:03 PM said...

Great Holiday! come back fully recharged! Enjoy yourself!

CC on 2:51 PM said...

Hey Bokjae, thanks.. definitely recharged.. :-)

Lemonjude on 11:37 AM said...

wow, so nice travel again.

a tag for you, hope you like it.

38kia said...

One thing i love about Bangkok was.. their culture. :D very friendly, polite and respectful

Colleen on 3:37 PM said...

Hi Judy, thanks for the tag.

38kia, welcome to the blog. Please leave link to yours. ;-)

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 9:16 PM said...

wow... finally a holiday for you huh... The hotel room decor is nice.. except for the blue tiles in the bathroom.. so orbit.. lol

And wow.. they actually play their royal atheum in the cinemas!


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