Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8 more random things

I remember being tagged by Xilly to write 8 random things about me. This time, Judy tagged me to write 8 more.

Let’s see….

1) I am a coffee addict. Get headache if I do not get to drink a mouthful by lunch time. Not just normal headache, its a gonna-kill-you-kind-of headache.

2) I used to dread Fridays and love Mondays coz I couldn’t wait to go back to work, but I am changing recently. :-)

3) Love to gaze at the stars and especially love the smiling moon. They make my day (obviously, ends my day well coz it’ll be almost bedtime :-p)

4) I hate boredom, and I get bored easily. Don’t like to keep doing the same thing without progress or result :-)

5) I used to “hate” my landlady a lot (coz she likes to nag), but recently, because of the Hungry Ghost month, I feel relieved she is at home every night. :-)

6) I love my little princess to the max. Missed her very much and set her picture on my mobile as wallpaper. She grows up a lot, so, she’s not really into talking over the phone anymore.

7) Many people describe me as independent but actually I am not. Like Jenny said, I look strong outside, but weak inside, especially my tummy!

8) I don’t like to eat alone, so, most of the times, I would skip meals. And so, I have bad tummy. I suffer from gastric since high school days. Each time, mum will say, ‘your tummy will bleed if you go on that way’.

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5 lil' thoughts:

J@n!ce on 5:35 PM said...

Colleen, thanks for the tag.
I've a friend who is just like you last time. He loves Mon but hate Fri cos he enjoys his work & likes returning to office... LOL :)

I've done this twice before. here's mine :



Jean Chia on 5:47 PM said...

Hi Colleen, thanks for the tag! i've done this tag twice before, but it's been months since the tag, i'll be gladly to receive this tag. :)

i'm also a coffee addict also! yay! a toast for our similarity! :)

Fluffy the Muffly Dog on 5:55 PM said...

Woof woof! I got tagged!! And thanks for linking me!! Mommy Nesh will help me link back ur blog in my blogroll tonight!!

Woof woof!!

sl on 3:08 AM said...

Guess what? I do not drink hot coffee before I came to the UK...but now, I have to drink at least one cup of coffee a day or even in 2 days! I'm such an addict now..I can even drink 3 cups of coffee in a day. But if I exceed 4, i'll end with a sorehead!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 11:43 AM said...

heya Colleen! lol... didn't know u tagged bubbles till now when I read ur post... will do it soon! =)


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