Saturday, August 18, 2007

My eBay purchase(s)....

I am in the mood to purchase again….. but this time, I do not feel like going anywhere. So, I made some purchases online. All along, I doubt purchases made via eBay coz I am not sure how trustworthy are the people in there.

However, I made my first purchase (definitely not the first online), but the first on eBay. Then I made 3 more purchases in a day.

First purchase – brand new ear ring holder at just S$29.90 (I didn’t bid, just made the enquiry and purchase via emails and smses)

I started ear ring collection since last year. To date, I have more than 40 pairs of ear rings, and studs. I like to match ear rings with the attire for the day. But having so many pairs of ear ring could be a mess. I was looking for a holder when I went shopping but they are quite costly but not so nice. When I went to BKK, I saw nice ones, classical, but I couldn’t bring them back coz I have limited space in the bag. (Lesson learnt, must bring empty bags there next time or purchase a bag to put shopping stuffs)

So, this holder came in handy. He says it’s not as nice as those we saw in BKK, but it serves it purpose, isn’t it? It’s 4-tier, with 196 holes, to contain 92 pairs of ear ring. Imagine, I can buy another 50 pairs of ear ring. Muahahaha…..

The price was just for the holder. I paid additional S$3 to get it delivered to Aljunied. To save this S$3, I have to make my way to Bukit Gombak or Bukit Batok, so, I think, it’s more worthy to spend this amount to get it delivered nearer. :-p But he drove me to Aljunied station to pick it up and he said “this also considered delivery?” :-p

Second purchase – trendy shell ear ring at just S$1.90 (FOC delivery)

Then I saw this ear ring made of shell. Looks great…. So coincidently, after I put the ear ring on the holder, I saw that the blue colour matches the spag I bought in MNG at BKK. Another reason to smile…

The seller sent it the next day and I received it 2 days later. I had it sent to office coz I can’t wait to see it!

Third purchase – brand new Guess shoulder handbag at S$37 (S$9 for delivery)

Recently, I am quite possessed with bags. I have got bag every other week. But I just couldn’t help myself bidding for the bag, and won. So, I paid and the seller had it posted. I have yet received coz it’s posted from Malaysia, perhaps it’s gonna reach me next week. Can’t wait.

Fourth purchase – Guess bag at S$60 (asked to meet up instead coz she charged S$20 for delivery)

I am not going to pay 1/3 of the bag price for delivery, so I made arrangement to meet up with the seller. I didn’t bid for this as well. We arranged via email and smses. But this seller is a pretty girl! Very pretty actually. :-)

So far, I have got 3, left with the third purchase. Overall, I am happy with my purchases. Hehehe…
(Actually I wanted to get a Prada nylon bag at S$350 but not sure if it's a good idea.....)

2 lil' thoughts:

babyfiona on 7:30 PM said...

wuah! that thing can put lots of earings! I wanted to purchase one as well, but scared later i will spent too much on buying the earings

Colleen on 7:51 PM said...

Hehe... then maybe you can consider buying a holder with lesser holes? ;-)


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