Friday, March 16, 2007


I wrote an email to EK end of last year, when I treated B like dirt. Because I was reflecting on my past relationships and I thought “gosh, look at what you have done to your life. You didn’t want to marry when EK wanted to marry you. And you wanted to marry B who doesn’t want to marry you.”

Well, I know you are confused, but don’t be. These 2 incidents happened 5 years apart. So, I didn’t dump EK for B.

To re-cap, EK was really good to me.

1) He was one boyfriend who didn’t care for anything else in the world when you were sick, keep by your side to the extent washing my laundry.
2) He was one boyfriend who bought meals / washed laundry for you when you were sitting for examination, making sure you study every second you have. And he drives you to and from the examination hall.
3) He was one boyfriend who bought dresses for you. He was shy in his own way, but proud to be able to buy you girl things.
4) He was one boyfriend who had planned the future “for you” with you in the picture. And he executed his plan, bit by bit.
5) He was one boyfriend who sent money to you when he started working and you were still studying so you can go shopping with your female friends, shop till you drop as a matter of fact.

So, you may ask me, why did I leave?

1) He was too nice and stable that he wasn’t ambitious. He didn’t want to make it big, just earn enough money and have a happy stable family is good.
2) He was too nice that he dare not celebrate your birthday with you when his sisters were around, so you had to bear with it that your birthday was nothing special.
3) The most important point was, I was too young at that point of time to think of his good points. Because I was too young and ambitious, he didn’t seem like the right one for me.

5 years now, and we got back in touch recently, things changed tremendously, for him:-

1) His elder sister is married to a Singaporean rather than her 8-years-relationship Malaysian boyfriend then, now expecting the second baby.
2) His elder brother divorced the wife.
3) The younger twin sister has just given birth and she is in confinement now.
4) And he, himself registered his marriage, waiting for his new house.

Now, the ultimate question would be “do you regret leaving him whom wants to marry you?”

Let me see, if I didn’t leave him, we would be together for 7 years now. Probably we already have more than one kid now. Or perhaps we are suffering from the 7-years itch now.

One thing for sure, I do not regret leaving him 5 years ago because my reasons were all valid, except for the point I was too young then, I didn’t treasure him. I definitely regret if I do it now, because I ended up with someone who doesn’t want to marry.

Retribution is done. I hope I learned to treasure things in life. :-)

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