Monday, March 05, 2007

I Did (But I Wouldn’t Now) by Cara Lockwood

This book is lighthearted and entertaining. I had good laughs and enjoyed myself.

Lily was the main character, flees the country from her problematic marriage and legal charges to London to her old flame. She was married to Ted, a rock star and caught him cheating on her.

Several reasons to divorce a rock star, Lily reasoned:-
1) He’s got thousands of groupies. And they’re all skinner than you are.
2) He looks better in leather pants than you do.
3) You can stop pretending to like his music.
4) His idea of romantic date is you, him, and thirty thousand screaming fans. :-p
5) Because he will never treat you as well as he treat his guitar.
6) Because you want to see your husband in person and not just on MTV.
7) So you don’t have to worry if ‘baby’ is a term of endearment he uses to avoid calling you by another woman’s name.
8) Their idea of family is to have one in every state.

Her ex boyfriend, Carter is a young, hot bone doctor. To cut story short, after much hurdles, obstacles, they realized they are meant for each other and they L word each other very much. That’s what everyone says right? You’ll know if he/she is THE ONE if you guys can overcome obstacles together.

Perhaps I should lookout for Lockwood’s other book I do (But I don’t) about Lauren and Nick, Lily’s sister and brother in law. ;-) I read that Lauren is a super organized woman, and do you believe that she actually has a Birth Plan for her second child? She actually planned what Nick should be wearing when she gives birth. Haaha…..

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