Thursday, December 09, 2010

Zaizai's birth story

Thought of writing what I can remember for now while waiting for zaizai to be discharged from hospital. Guess I will not have much time when he comes home.. :-)

2nd Dec 2010:

am: Received call from Dr Yvonne's clinic that NIL by mouth at 9am, coz c-sect scheduled to be at 3pm. I asked her why not 2pm, she says gynae has got another operation before that. :-( 11am to 3pm is good time, but not after 3pm.. but hubby said "no choice"..

pm: Received text message from TMC to remind that operation is scheduled the next day at 3pm, to pre-admit 3 hours before operation. So high-tech..

Birth story - 3rd Dec 2010

8.00am: Started NIL by mouth

10.10am: We turned up at Dr Yvonne's clinic for CTG

10.40am: Done with CTG and told to be pre-admitted with all the documents

11.30am: One bedder is full, thus we were admitted straight to labour ward, into Observation Room 3, given gown to change into, no panty, no bra allowed. Asked me to pass urine, didn't have much, thus asked to pass later.

11.45am: Hubby went to get car to be parked in TMC instead of HDB and had his lunch. I have been complaining about being hungry since an hour or so ago!

12.00pm: Blackout! The mummy in next bed was grumbling about middle of jab and her jab wound is not even plastered! Duhz... Was thinking, they should have some back-up in OT hoh, otherwise, midst of operation, then how?

12.15pm: Staff nurse complete all documents and signing, etc and says how can we be so relax like going on holiday, not gan cheong at all.. what to gan cheong about since I won't experience labour pain? Duhz..

1.30pm: Given enzema to clear bowels, and asked to keep them in for 10 mins.. cannot! they were like squeezing out, and I didn't want to make a mess there, so I asked "if cannot stand how? can I go and release?" Nurse says, "can stand one la.. but if really cannot then go lor".. I tried for 5 more seconds, really cannot.. ran to the toilet, and just in-time to release! Duhz! What a relief! Really salute those who can stand for 10 full mins.

2.30pm: Suddenly a stretcher is brought over by an Indian lady and the nurse says "ok ok, time to go OT".. I was like.. "er.. can I go to the loo first?".. then pass urine for one more time.. I was asked to go up the stretcher.. I wondered why.. "why need to push me? I can walk there myself" and the nurse says "NO!!" and so hubby followed behind me and he was asked to pass our bags to the counter, I reminded him about the camera and he quickly got it before too late.. duhz.. this hubby!

2.40pm: Dr. Loh, the anaesthesia introduced herself. She explained the epidural procedure, exactly like what described in the books, and that she'll put a drip prep on my left wrist, in case emergency during operation. She also took 25ml of my blood for the cord blood donation, god, it took so long to get that 25ml, till my left hand was so numb "pumping"...

2.50pm: Hubby changed into "jumpsuit" and wears hair net. Asked him to take pic of me. :-D

2.55pm: The lady before us pushed out, not concious, and the baby cot pushed out but covered with green cloth. I am not sure why, but it felt creepy then. Did the lady lose her baby? Coz just when we came in, they were saying there's complication? I can't be too sure either.

3.00pm: I guess this was the time I was pushed into the OT, without hubby. They said hubby will be called when gynae is about to operate. Saw gynae sitting at a corner looking at the process. I was transfered from the stretcher to the operation bed, top with 2 big head lights like in tv. Then I was asked to curl like a prawn to administer the epidural and was told I'll feel numb from tummy to legs. Exactly, I felt my legs just got heavier and no feeling then. They helped me to lie straight and put in urine catheter, I could feel nothing! Then gynae walked over and they were saying call hubby in, call hubby in. And they put the operation screen right in front of my tummy. Hubby came in looking straight into my eyes, dare not look beyond the operation screen. Hahaha.. and sat beside me talking to me. Gynae asked if I could feel what she was doing, I said no.. and then felt some tugging and pulling, and more tugging and pulling that I started to frown. Hubby asked if it's painful, I said not really painful, but it was harsh! Then Dr Loh helped to push from my side of operation screen! With a few push more, zaizai was out. Gynae says "good choice to do caesarian, you'll not make it with natural labour".. felt so relieved to hear that.. And so the nurse cleanse zaizai. I asked hubby to take pictures, he refused coz zaizai was still purplish. Then nurse says "ok, want to take pictures?" I insisted hubby to start taking pictures. And after cleansing, and swaddling him, nurse put him on my chest. Gosh, that was a miracle moment. I was wondering who zaizai looks like. For few mins, I stared at him and hubby took some pics, and then nurse says will do measuring, and asked hubby to follow. Hubby didn't take any pics there... :-( But zaizai is fated with many many THREES!

Born on 3rd Dec 2010

Time: 1522hrs

Weight: 3.33kg

Head circumference: 33cm

Length: 51cm

4.30pm: I was not sure when I fell asleep, but when I was woken by the Indian lady, she was saying "please take a deep breath, your BP is dropping"... and I took a deep breath, losing control over where I was and etc.. and she did it 3 times, coz my BP was dropping.. must have scared the hell out of her..

Then I was pushed to the 2 bedder ward Room No. 621B coz 1 bedder still full. From then, slowly I recovered, with salt and glucose drip. Was so thirsty but will not be given anything till 9pm, MILO! gosh, I was really hoping they will give me a jar of milo instead of a cup. :-(

Hubby came back, bro and SIL came to visit, and then they went for dinner at Delifrance. Then they left as hubby not allowed to stay the nite at 2 bedder ward.

8.50pm: They delivered a jug of plain water and a flask! I asked for warm water and given a straw to suck from.

9.00pm: They served milo! just a cup, ceh!

9++pm: Hubby called to ask how I was doing and if I've got drink.

4th Dec 2010:

Later I drifted in and out of sleep. They asked if I want to latch zaizai middle of nite, I said yes, while the mummy beside me said no. So, each time the drip needs to be replenished, and each time zaizai needs to be fed, I will have to wake up.

4++am: I couldn't sleep, I log on to the internet. One of the staff saw and came to wash me up, changed my dressing and changed my pad seeing that I was awake. Replaced the urine catheter as well.

6++am: another staff came to clean my face, body etc..

7++ am: Gynae came and checked on the wound says our own binder not good, she'll get her gal to bring us one. She also warned me not to be too active coz I sat up without the bed assistance. Gynae asked if I want toast for breakfast or crackers. I said I want toast. So, gynae gave instruction to the senior nurse to give me toast for breakfast, porridge for lunch and mee sua for dinner. The sound of the food made me felt havenly already.

7+++am: Hubby called to ask how I was doing.

10++am: Hubby came with MIL and helper while I was breastfeeding zaizai.

11++am: Hubby sent MIL and helper home. I got 2 nurses to help check if 1 bedder is already available. Nurse came to remove catheter.

12++pm: Hubby came back, but no news about 1 bedder. Hubby went for lunch while I get nurse's assistance to go toilet to pass urine for the first time.

2++pm: Finally got our 1 bedder, Room 635. Felt much more comfortable, and hubby could stay the nite!
Continued to breastfeed zaizai.. every 3 hourly.. hubby did the counting, I lose count..

5th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee came to inform us that zaizai is generally OK except for being G6PD deficiency. He asked who has the history. I said me, coz my bro is one. And zaizai's blood group is A, followed the dad's.
Evening: Nurse says zaizai has slight jaundice, will see what Dr Chee says the next morning.

6th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee came and informed he took blood from zaizai for testing. Result will be out by 11pm.
10.00am: Nurse came to inform that zaizai needs to undergo phototherapy about 12pt. Dangerous level is 20pt. But due to he is G6PD deficiency, he has to be closely monitored not to overshot.

7th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee informed that top and bottom phototherapy works to bring down jaundice to 9.4pts. Will do top only light and monitor.

8th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee informed that top only light should bring down jaundice level for normal case, but zaizai remained at 9.6pts. Although 0.2 increase is not significant, it has to be monitored closely for zaizai's case.

9th Dec'10:

Morning: Dr. Chee informed that jaundice increase by another 0.1pt, to 9.7pts. Couldn't bear the stress, I broke down over the phone. Wonder if Dr. Chee realised. He said he'll be away for 2 weeks, but his colleague will monitor and update daily as usual.
Really wish zaizai to be home. I don't mind sleepless nights, I will never complained about sleepless nights, all I want is zaizai to be home to his mommy.

3 lil' thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog when searching for birth story, i'm giving birth soon so wanna know what to expect haha. Got a couple of questions. As for the medicine to make us clear bowel, the brand is it Centa Enema or Fleet Enema? And the procedure is it very uncomfortable? Thanks for your help:) Happy New Year!

Colleen on 6:53 PM said...

Hi, Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for dropping by my little world of thoughts.. I honestly have no idea which enema they used.. :-p blur blur go in, blur blur come out.. :-p but don't worry, it's not umcomfy at all when they inserted, it was to contain for 10mins that was unbearable.. Congrats on the upcoming joy, and enjoy motherhood journey!

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