Thursday, October 07, 2010

1st Pre-Natal Massage: 30th Sep'10

I finally met up with Ros (massage aunty) last night.

Was asked to sit on a chair with just panty and bra. And she started massaging my face, standing behind me. She told me my face started to swell, which is true.. hahaha.. then she massaged my head and told me I think too much and I always have headache, which is true.. :-D

Then she moved on to shoulders, I have really stiff shoulders, she says related to the headache I have, and asked me not to think too much..

Then asked me to lie on my side while she massaged my legs.. god.. it was havenly coz I started to have some water retention.. she also massaged to the buttock peak, where I felt painful when I walked after sitting for long.. she says coz baby sitting on the nerves..

Then moved to arms, same thing, started to swell a little.. hahaha...

Best part, the breasts! She asked me to remove my bra, and touched my breast, says I actually have milk! I can bf! Hahahaha.. but I've got some lumps.. she massaged and taught me how to lightly massage and clean my nipples so it'll not clog when bf..

Last but not least, she touched my bump, and told me baby has started to turn and my baby is big, which is another true fact.. :-D

Advice from her for me:
1) cannot walk too fast, she was shocked by the way I walked, coz she says 1st pregnancy must take it easy.. must walk slowly, otherwise bb will come premature..
2) cannot walk too much.. :-( coz the part below my bump, don't know what is it called, started to swell woh, so, I can't walk too much, lest baby come pre-maturely
3) watever we eat now goes to baby, so, must eat good food, and not eat too much. She asked me not to eat Mc'D coz it's fattening, no Pepsi or Coke... can take some water melon now, coconut to wait till 8th month, then drink alternate days so bb's skin is smooth and beautiful. drink not cow milk but soy milk and honey..
4) massage my breast and clean my nipple as what she taught
5) natural labour without drug - she says the contraction and the labour pain came with a purpose, they are to tell us when to push.. if use epidural will defeat the purpose and more difficult to push

Actually, she shared kinda alot, but I can't recall them right now. Will share again if I remember.. duhz...

About Ros:
1) she is 49 yo
2) with 11 kids - all natural birth without drug
3) semi-retire coz the eldest 3 kids already working and can provide for the family, so she kinda take it easier now

1 lil' thoughts:

I'm a full-time mummy on 4:30 PM said...

I've been on McD, Wendys, Carls' Jnr and whatever fast food you can imagine la suring pregnancy. Of course don't take it everyday lah.. but when you got craving for it, no care wan ler..

I even had double set McD right before I leave to hospital to give birth leh.... and even now, still do have double set McD... hahhah.. breastfeeding punya pasal...

Btw, you very brave huh, let other people(even though woman) see your erm... breasts.. if I very shy lah...

~ Jenny :)


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