Saturday, July 31, 2010

Detailed Scan - 29th Jul'10 (19wks ++)

My weight: 49.7kg (huge milestone.. I am sure I am already 50kg at time of blog :-p)

Baby'w weight: approx 400g

We didn't ask baby fish to behave for this detailed scan. Or it was because both of us were so busy that we did not really give much thought of the detailed scan. And honestly, who knows what detailed scan is all about?

Just the night before, when hubby apply lotion on my tummy, he said "baby fish, you must be guai guai and co-operative tomorrow.. daddy needs to rush back to office" and sealed it with a kiss. Astonished.. I myself forgot to tell baby fish to behave. Hehehe..

And that's right, we couldn't see what we needed to see at just one shot.

Baby fish estimated as "big size", weighing as much as 400g, 100g more than the average (or the higher spec actually). Goodness.. and gynae says, not too bad as it is not showing on me.

Baby fish was moving, yawned twice, and then fell asleep right in front of 3 of us! God.. what a boy. And at that exact moment he fell asleep, I felt so tired and sleepy too. Contagious maybe.. so, now I know, when I suddenly feel tired and sleepy, it could be baby fish. :-p Not my fault! Hahaha...

So, we were sent to walk for half hour so baby will be awake. And then we went to sign up for the First Incentive Born with TMC, and got a nice goodie bag, with lots of goodies inside. Hahaha.. soothing music CD, breast pad, lotions, panty liner, diaper, all sorts of brochures and vouchers, and most importantly a few books.

Then we went back for the scan. Baby fish was still asleep, but after a few shaking, he woke up a little and moved a little. Finally all done. Heart, bladder, kidney, brain, toes, fingers, spine, bones, buttock, penis, scrotum, lips.. what else I don't remember, are all OK. What a blessing.

So now, to wait for next month's scan, to check if baby fish is really BIG or:

1) we caught him at one of the growing spike
2) I am diabetic, if he continues to be bigger than the average, then I'll have to be checked. Duhz...

We signed up for Dr Yvonne Chan's package, S$800. Next visit, we'll have to inform them which room do we want for delivery..

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