Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everyone is happy… :-)

I went to SABians’96 reunion today. It was good. Met up with friends whom I have not met for 11 years, that’s slightly over a decade you know. And I was surprised to meet YY, a primary schoolmate, whom I have not met for 15 years, there gone a 1.5 decades.

Time flies… we caught up with each other, updating each other of what we are doing. Mommies exchanged experience and advices, and those in S club exchanged life experiences.

Felt really good, though I dreaded reunion. It was not too bad. I am glad I made it this time. And I silently made another promise to myself, that I will try to keep in touch with as many people as possible.

A short update:-
KW’s wife gave birth to a baby daughter on the eve of CNY, named Miracle.
YC and JT gave birth to baby daughters before X’mas.
SO is 6.5 months pregnant.
JL is 4 months into pregnancy now.
My cousin, CW’s BIG day is in Sept’07.
CL’s BIG day is in Oct’07.
YC’s BIG day is in Nov’07.

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