Sunday, May 23, 2010

2nd Gynae Appt - 11th May'10 (8wks ++)

Weight: 44.6kg
Baby's Length: 18mm

The appointment was supposed to be on 13th May, but due to some "technical problem" in office, I grabbed the chance to change the schedule to the day I was on MC. This time round, I drove myself as hubby was in Sydney for business.

So touched when gynae asked where hubby is.

I tried to fill stomach with water before I left home, but I couldn't keep the water inside. Throw up breakfast and all the water. Then I decided to go for the vaginal scan instead.

The image was so much clearer, and gynae says baby now measures 18mm, EDD 19th Dec'10 very clear. Our baby fish grow so much in 2 weeks. :-) She also showed that baby fish now has arms, tummy and legs. :-) Heartbeat was normal too, I was so glad and heaved a sigh of relief, from all the worries during Beijing trip.

Gynae explained on some tests need to be done in the next appointment. One of it include OSCAR, an assessment to analyse risk of baby fish with Down Syndrome.

So, now, I am anxiously waiting for the next appointment, to see our baby fish again. :-)

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