Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My very first snow [flakes] experience....

Stone pointed to my back and said “look, Colleen!”

I turned to my back, saw nothing, turned back to him and asked, blankly, “what?”

Stone said, excitedly, “It’s snowing!!”

I turned again, trying my very best to contain my excitement. “Really?” and stared hard through the glasses.

“Oh my God….”

“You can go out there and touch them….”, Stone added.

Well, I was in a meeting, mind you, so, I decided to give it a pass. But, secretly, I stared through the glasses, again and again, again and again.

Finally, Stone said “ok, let’s take a break”.

I went to my bag and got the camera out. I asked JianPing to take some pictures and a video of me, “playing” with the flakes. God, the feeling was good.

It was romantic. It looked just like in the movie…. That was my first snow [flakes] experience. :-)

Before Stone left, he said, “tomorrow morning, when you wake up, there will be snow everywhere…” I am so full of hope. :-p

[I will be in Wuxi for the rest of the week, except for a day trip to Chengdu on Thursday. Heard that it’s likely to snow in Chengdu on Thursday! Can’t wait….]

9 lil' thoughts:

Amidrin on 8:58 PM said...

Wow! I wish I could experience my very first snow flakes too! You are such a lucky gal!

宝茹 on 10:40 PM said...

Ohhh...so nice o!!! :)

Have you tried touching them with your tongue?

jam on 10:19 AM said...

Ya, snowing is like a really big occasion for us malaysian!

bokjae on 7:43 PM said...

Yeah first experience of snow is wonderful! It must be freezing cold in China now and heard about the terrible blitz! Take care and keep warm! Blessed New Year to U in China!

bokjae on 12:12 AM said...

Yes I can understand how you feel to see snow for the first time! It happened to me in Scotland eons ago! Enjoy the beauty of our world which God provided for simple pleasures in life! Not many know how to enjoy such things anymore! Life gets too complicated I guess!

bokjae on 9:19 AM said...

Hey still in China? Not voting this time? Cheers!

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KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 5:29 PM said...

eh? never put up the photo of the u in the snow ah?

Yeah.. i have yet to really experience snow b4 too. The nearest encounter is when it has already snowed, and lotsa snow/ice on the ground in Korea. Never experienced snowing b4...

Way to go for u!

Credit Repair Wisconsin on 9:21 AM said...

I envy you my friend. I wish I could also experienced that. But, I can't. I lived in a tropical contry. We don't have winter here.


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