Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back From KL

Came back from KL on Tuesday, missed Princess like crazy. Weird, when I was at home and she kept calling “Ah Yee” every other second, I felt tired. Without her calling, I feel empty. :-(

Mum cooked all my fave food, whipped up good home cooked food that I longed. It’s difficult to feel belonged to home nowadays. I left home for 8 over years; the longest I stayed at home during vacation was less than a week. Felt like a traitor, but that’s a fact. There is nothing much at home that belongs to me anymore, piano, a room named mine and a few Eiffel Tower puzzles that are yet be framed.

Sis also baked cakes for me. I do not fancy cake, other than cheese cake. She baked banana cakes, chocolate cakes and cheese cake. Colleagues and R’s mum say they are nice. :-) My sis was flattered.

It’ll be some time before I head home again. Meanwhile, I have just received news that I have to be in Wuxi from 18th Nov till 8th Dec, 3 whole weeks. :-( Just hoping one of the customers to cancel their visit, then I can have a shorter trip.

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