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Actually, Fiona didn't drop me a message when she tagged me. Somehow, while I was looking at the Technorati links, I saw my blog appear in Sweet Surrender. Then I asked Fiona if she has tagged me. She has forgotten, but checked and found that she actually did. :-p Forgetful and busy Fiona.

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1) sourrain
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5. ahbong
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Err... I do not know who to tag coz I do not want to re-tag most blogger friends. So, if you want to do this tag, drop me a line. Hehehe...

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Back in 1997, I was in Lower 6. Don’t really remember what exactly I was doing, but I remember very well, Princess Diana died on the night I accepted my first love. Hahaha… the rest is history, but those were memories.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Last year, I just changed job from the previous worked-till-I-have-no-life company. Started a brand new life here in Rayco, given a brand new VAIO laptop for mobilization. You may think given laptop and handphone not really considered as having life, but trust me, having no life means you have to be in the office until everyone knocked off, and still be there working at past 3am, called back to office on X’mas eve and worked till the following afternoon, no holidays for you, no weekends AND YET get paid like those slackers!

Five snacks you enjoy
Because I am kind of conscious of my weight and the extra layers forming at tummy, I do not really snack. I have gained some weight ever since I joined current company. Good life lah katakan. But because of the gastric problem, I have to eat. FYI, I am not suffering from anorexia (think you can see from my pics that I am not).

So, if I snack, my fave would be (BEWARE! They are all SINFUL food):

1) Potato chips
2) Chocolates
3) Ice cream
4) Desserts
5) Cheese!!!

Five songs that you know all the lyrics.
All Malay Songs (popular during high school era):

1) Teringin by Shima
2) Gerimis Mengundan by Slam
3) Bukan Niat Membalas Derita by Slam
4) Pahit Akan Manis Akhirnya by Ukays
5) Di Persimpang Dilema by Nora

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
Please refer to the tag If I have a $1 Million....

Five bad habits
1) I laugh out REAL LOUD that you may feel shocked. My bro used to say “the whole village can hear my laughter”. Now my boss says “the whole factory can hear my laughter”.

2) I am a pessimist; always think of the bad side of EVERYTHING.

3) Love to make compulsive purchases. And I want my purchases VERY FAST!

4) I get very irritated, annoyed and I’ll show one kind of face when I hear kids cry out loud and make lots of noise. I know, I am cruel, heartless, whatever you name it. I just like to play with them, not to hear them shout on top of their lungs. :-(

5) Pick on food. Though I am not that fussy about food, but I DO NOT eat food that I DO NOT LIKE, eg. beehoon in soup though I eat fried beehoon, seaweed in soup though I like to munch on them. Hahaha….

Five things you like doing (In no particular sequence :-p)

1) Reading
2) Laughing
3) Traveling
4) Pigging
5) Spending time with him

Five things you would never wear again

1) Monthly disposable contact lens. Even if they are the most expensive ones, they irritate my eyes and caused infection. Now, I wear daily disposable, as and when needed.

2) My first pair of glasses. God, it was HUGE, covered half my face. :-p

3) School shoes. They were ugly.

4) The shoe I bought in Italy. It caused me PAIN! Not just ordinary PAIN, but BITING PAIN!!

5) What else ah?

Five favourite toys.
Not really into toys coz I am sucks in keeping them, so can only list 3.… :-p

1) Barbie. Unfortunately I did not own any, until on my uni graduation day in Aug’02, when my then housemate, Jeannie gave me one. It was a picnic Barbie. :-) My one dream fulfilled.

2) Bear. In my uni days, I slept with a brown bear given by someone then-special. Ever since started working, I do not have any particular feeling towards them. The last bear received was from TW who had one holding a bouquet of fresh roses sent to my home for my birthday in 2004.

3) Batu seremban. Is it considered a toy? Anyone remember them? If not mistaken, there were ways to play it, especially the 6th step. :-p

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babyfiona on 10:27 PM said...

aiks, I thought i got left you a note
o_O". Anyway, your tag, done ;p

Shantanu on 8:59 PM said...

These tags/memes are more interesting than the profile info, aren't they? :-)

Great blog!


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