Sunday, May 23, 2010

1st Gynae Appt - 29th Apr'10 (6wks ++)

Weight: 45.5 kg
Baby's Length: 6mm

Both of us took half day leave. Appointment was at 2pm, but when we arrived at 1.40pm, the nurses said we were early, coz they were still at lunch break. I was rather angry as the one who made the appointment for me told me to be 15mins earlier than 2pm for registration.

Anyway, we waited at the couch, till they re-opened. Registration was rather easy, but not just my particularts were needed, hubby's particulars as well. Made one feels like at home when they called both of us by name.

When I made the appointment by phone, I was asked if I was ok to do vaginal scan. I was not sure how I felt, but I chose to have abdominal scan instead, so I was asked to have full bladder for scan.

I drank nearly a bottle of 600ml water, but the urge to pee was not strong. Then it came, and I told the staffs, so we went in to see gynae. Coz full bladder, we were given the priority and did the scan immediately. Gynae said "not full yet..." and we had to wait another 30mins at least. I couldn't stomach anymore water, so we had to wait.

It suddenly started pouring, and the temperature in the room went down. And so, the urge to pee increased tremendously, but worried it's not full enough, I chose to wait a while more, till I couldn't stand.

Gynae: "Ah.. now it's full and see.. that's your baby... but abdominal scan can't see much at this point, I can only estimate how big it is, and when your due date is..."

So, our baby was estimated to be 6mm, EDD around 17th to 19th Dec'10.

When gynae switched on the speaker, we could hear "dup dup dup dup dup dup"... "That's your baby's heart beat..."

I was like "err.. I thought that was my heartbeat..."

Gynae: Fortunately, yours do not sound like that..

Hahahahah... and the nurse caught hubby smiling hearing baby's heartbeat.. :-) :-)

And so I had to pee quickly on a strip of pH test, I guess. Everything's normal and gynae took some time to explain when I'll start to gain weight (which will be in July) and when I may be due (anytime entering Dec'10).. and when I can travel safely.. well, too bad, I couldn't take her advice, although kinda worried.

Then I asked if there is anything I could do to make the morning sickness goes away. She said "why would you want it to go away? Some women do not experience them at all, and they really wish they could.. and that you have, you are lucky.. sometimes, some mommies came with bad morning sickness, few weeks later they came happily telling me morning sickness is all gone, and that's when I checked that their baby is no longer around..."

So, hubby held on to her words like words from God. He'll nag when I eat more, and worried when I do not feel sick. Sicko!

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