Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When happiness turns bitter...

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It wasn’t until recently when I get to know about one of old schoolmate’s broken marriage that I gave a thought to divorce issues.

I mean, divorce is a norm in Sg society, but I have never given it a deep thought.

I felt especially bad for my old friend coz I am enjoying married life. But her case felt like a slap on my face. I shouldn’t be sharing too much happiness on Facebook. I should be considerate enough to friends who are single, broken relationship, broken engagement, broken marriage, broken family, etc.

Thus, I seldom update my status now. I am trying my best to keep low profile.

Sometimes, I wonder, and that’s what I asked hubby.

“How does a loving marriage turns into so bad?”

So bad that the almost-ex hubby had to “kidnap” their baby of 1 year old?

When we marry, we were so in love, happily adding the family member.. thought we could live happily ever after.

“Happily ever after” does not happen to everyone…

While I hope my friend able to find her daughter as quickly as possible, I also wish those who are in love will be in love forever…..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Round #1 : KO

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We thought we’ve got baby fish in my tummy.

When I started spotting lightly on Sat, about 10 days after ovulation, I thought we have strike ToTo. For the next 6 days, I kept spotting lightly, started with very light pink, to very light brown. Just a drop everyday.

Menses wasn’t due until today. I am rather disappointed. Hubby is too.

I can imagine the anxiety in couple when they keep trying. There is menses cycle to lookout to, ovulation, the right day, the right time, and then it stops. The waiting game then begins. Will the menses come?

Maybe.. maybe not..

And when there’s slight change in the body, every little thing relates back to PREGNANCY.

Could we have done it?

Maybe.. maybe not..

We hope for the best, wish for better luck…

Till Round #2 begins.. :-)

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