Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We are not getting younger....

I chatted with Mike the Friday before I went to Wuxi.

I asked how is he, Michelle (the wife) and Miracle (the daughter) doing. And he told me Miracle is very cute now, learning how to make noises and flipping over.

I said, “great to heart that”.

Next, he said “when are you going to make one?” ***literally stunned by his question***

Then this dreadful conversation:

Mike: We are not young anymore, coming to 30 already.
Me: But we baru turning 2* next month wo.
Mike: What will you be getting for yourself as birthday gift?
Me: Still thinking.
Mike: A husband perhaps.
Me: How to get myself a husband. It’s not in my wish list. (started to get quite annoyed)
Mike: Err… go out and look Just pick anyone.
Me: Just pick anyone?? Cannot be so cincai one lar. I just wanna concentrate in work.. that’s more important for now.
Mike: Wah.... your work ain’t going to accompany you to old age. Next thing you know, you're gonna be in your fifties and still alone.
Me: But working is a happy thing for now. You sound too negative gua.
Mike: That is temporary only you need to have a long term plan also. Not to say too negative, but just being down to earth in reality.
Me: It's not easy to find someone u feel like spending the rest of life with. You are lucky to have found her, and it's reciprocated.
Mike: It's not luck. Relationship requires constant work.
Mike: Love don't just blossom like that. Even after the marriage, things are not always blissful.
Me: That’s the scary part.
Mike: But that's the exciting part. Handle it well and your life will be meaningful.
Mike: Handle it wrongly and your life will be a living hell.
Mike: That is why God is here to aid us.
Me: I lose faith.
Mike: But it's never too late to get it back again.
Me: Need help of coz.
Mike: That why friends like me are here.
Me: Haha... I am lucky.

End of the conversation, I was quite pissed. As usual, when others tried to convince me that the other side of the pie is tastier…

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KeV's wAlKAbOuT on 2:18 PM said...

LOL... jus a quick question, have u try the pie before?? found it yucky??

PS: U can choose not to reply! =)


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