Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's not a scam

Remember I wrote for Bloggerwave somewhere early last month? Well, I actually took 2 opportunities from them and wrote about then newly launched Bloggerwave.

Then, Fiona’s readers said it may be a scam. Ok, I thought, never mind lar, just a short 50 words entries, if it’s a scam, don’t write for them again lor.
[But, still quite worried, asked Fiona if she has heard of anyone getting paid, she said yes. Hmmm… to believe or not to believe.]

You know, in PPP, we should be able to see when the pay date due. But in Bloggerwave, they only state “Amt due”. No date… so, I wrote to them before, asking when we will get paid but no reply.

Yesterday morning, I think many bloggers who joined Bloggerwave received the same email. That Bloggerwave will soon be improved, re-design and etc. Die! Really scam!

Just now when I woke up and checked my mail, I saw a U$20 actually sent into my PayPal, and yes, by Bloggerwave!

Ok, it’s not scam…. Thank you Bloggerwave, I am U$20 richer now.

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