Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two very innovative ideas...

I visited Kev’s blog “Kev’s Walkabout” through my recent readers’ link. When the page started loading, I was mesmerized by a wonderful music by SENS. No track title… just the #20 it's actually Song From A Secret Garden (played herewith in my blog, nice one isn't it? I love it, feels like in a secret garden) . I had to switch my other playlist off so I can concentrate on this piece. :-)

Something in common with is Kev (aka Kevin) is an Irish name. Mine too. Colleen, a phonetic pronunciation of the Irish word 'cailín', meaning girl.

Ok, so, next, I read his latest entry, about his partner (gf or wife, I am not sure) had a Beddy Bear delivered to Australia. It’s no ordinary bear; I am touched coz his darling is so sweet and thoughtful. This bear, can be heated up in microwave oven for 2 mins, and you can use it in winter. You can also put it in freezer for 2 hours and use it in summer! God, this is something new to me.

Then, I saw his entry about customized M&M. I tried the site and it’s cute! Imagine, you can choose the colour you want, and have your special messages appear on M&Ms. Haha… I tried putting my name, fantastic! Unfortunately, they do not ship out of US.

Step 1: 22 colours to choose from:
My choice: Blue

Step 2: Type in your message:

My choice: Colleen :-)

Step 3: Choose the packaging:
My choice: Gift option (any of these :-p)

Two very innovative ideas huh…

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babyfiona on 2:59 AM said...

i go check! :p


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