Monday, May 28, 2007

My weekend :-)


I didn’t meet up with AT on Sat, he said I “flew him a BIG airplane” coz he was out there, and I refused to go out, last minute, in fact, very last minute. [To recap, my post said that I was going out after laundry :-p] Well, do not really know what is wrong with me recently, but I have been lazing at home, doing nothing but still, not willing to go out.

I also didn’t meet up with bro and gf until yesterday, when I suddenly felt like going shopping. AT, worried I back out suddenly decided to call me last minute to arrange instead. So, waking up at almost 2pm, I went out straight to Orchard.

Felt like it has been forever since I stepped into Orchard. Bro was not feeling well, so, I was kinda worried about his being.

As usual, AT, said and worried about nothing but the gf. He bought an ear ring by Mucha and asked me to try on. Never wanted to buy something for me, this old friend of more than a decade, but for gf. :-( Still wanna use my ears to try the ear rings and I like it so muchie! Reluctant to take it off in the end, coz it’s simple, yet so elegant. And it cost him like S$49.90 ok. Swarovski crystal wo…

So, we shopped around Tangs, Shaw house and bla bla bla bla.. I don’t remember where we went. I didn’t even manage to get a nice purse. The purse (or wallet huh) I am using now very old already, 5 over years, a gift from EK. Time to change!

We had lunch at n.y.d.c at almost 4pm, and I told my bro’s gf, AW to keep some space in her tummy for dinner at Newton Circus. Her eyes rolled big, and said “dinner? After this meal?” haha….

Ok, so we went to AT’s condo Rising Suite opposite Newton Circus and took dinner there. We had satay, chicken wing, BBQ stingray, fried calamari, fried rice… all sinful food. :-p

I have a picture of AT's proposal solitaire.. but bro has not pass me the cable to download yet. So, maybe later, oh my... (I jokingly tell AT, if his proposal failed, the solitaire will be MINE... hahaha... evil)

Of coz, I wish the best for AT... coz I do not want to go out shopping with him every time he feels depressed. :-p He can really shop one lor....


I had a good chat with R via sms in the afternoon. I told him that I would feel better, stress free if we are just to be friends and not think ahead. He says he treats me like friends, nothing much, nothing less! This is so wonderful… :-)

I chatted with T late Sat night. He insisted that I have recovered, just that I refused to admit it. He said sometimes we say we need to recuperate, but actually we don’t. He said life is incomplete without love, one should have love. One should enjoy love. And asked me to look for someone with compassionate heart that is able to take care of me not just when I am young and healthy.

I actually agree…. but I refused to forget, I do not want to forget how hurtful it is, want to remind myself again and again that love hurts, not to try anymore. But then, who knows what future holds for us?

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babyfiona on 10:37 AM said...

complicated...very very complicated..
eh! AT wanna proposed to his GF ar?? why earing and not ring??

Colleen on 1:23 PM said...

Oppss... sorry, the solitaire is the ring, not the ear ring.. the ear ring another gift.. :-(

(mou ngo fan.. wawawawa....)


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